A natural monument - for hiking and experiencing.
And here chronologically in pictures to wander through.

The Ysperklamm is a special experience for every hiker! Over partly impressive, moss-covered rock formations the Ysper in many small and larger waterfalls plunges almost 300 meters in height through the wild and romantic gorge. The gorge is formed by the Great Ysper, which rises in the Weinsberg Forest and flows through the "Ödteich" at its upper reaches. It has a length of 1200 m and overcomes on this length a height of 300 m in cascades, which are particularly interesting after rainfalls.


The Ysperklamm gorge has recently undergone a "walking-technical" redevelopment throughout its entire course. With a variety of ascent aids, Stairs, stone steps and bridges that have been renovated and extended, it is now a top destination for the whole family. In 2017 the Ysperklamm became in the ORF-Show "9 Plätze - 9 Schätze" NÖ-Landessieger and reached the excellent 3rd place Austria-wide. Hidden, paradisiacal places and scenic rarities are presented and chosen in this annual ORF show.

The starting point of the Ysperklamm hike is the large car park at the end of the access road to the Ysperklamm. There is also the information point to the Ysperklamm, the cash desk and the entrance to the Ysperklamm. The "energy hiker" can impressively follow the course of the Ysperklamm for almost two kilometres.

If the information point is not occupied, you can simply pick up your ticket at the ticket machine. Now you can get going.
The entry is:
Adults: € 3,50
Children up to 6 years: free of charge
Children 6 to 15 years: € 2,50
Groups: € 2,50
The entrance to the Ysperklamm is just to the right of the Forellenhof. Unlock the turnstile with your ticket and off you go.

The Ysperklamm impresses with its crystal-clear, cool water, even in summer. Pleasantly cool, you walk through the gorge over countless small ascent aids such as stone stairs, wooden stairs, small bridges and crossings secured with railings. The paths, stairs and lifts were extensively renovated, renewed and extended in 2016.

Wildly romantic hike along moss-covered, gigantic granite stones. Again and again small shallow water zones offer the opportunity to refresh yourself and get into the water. A paradise - of course also for dogs.

According to the Lower Austrian government, the Ysperklamm is the largest and most beautiful gorge in Lower Austria. Clearly visible embankment protection buildings in the Ysperklamm still remind of the times of the Holztrift. At that time the logs were thrown into the Ödteich, at a certain point in time the water was drained out of the pond by pulling a pin and as a result the round wood on the Great Ysper was washed as far as Ysperdorf. In the middle of the Ysperklamm is the Red Riding Bridge. From here you have the possibility to take a slight descent back to the starting point at the parking lot.

A variety of ascent aids have been built to allow easy access to the gorge. Nevertheless, suitable footwear is recommended.

Now it's almost done. Only a few more height meters and you reach the Upper elevation level around the former Ödteich. The forest becomes lighter, the wind stronger. Perhaps a last rest?

At the top you will find a newly built small observation deck from which you can enjoy a wonderful view into the Ysper-Weitental.
Perhaps a word about the rest possibilities during the hike: In the middle of the ascent and descent (where the easier descent path crosses) two idyllic, shady bankers invite you to rest. And moss-covered, huge rock formations that also invite you to a rest or a small picnic can be found along the whole route anyway.

You know... why this water is brown? Due to the high content of humic acid and the high iron content, the water of the Ysperklamm turns slightly brownish. The humic acids are washed out of the soil by the rain, therefore the brown colouring after the rain is particularly intensive.

Finally at our destination. For the descent two variants are available. The same way back through the gorge or much more comfortable, even if longer, the descent via forest roads and goods roads.
The Ysperklamm - always an experience.


The Druid's Path, number 31 on the "Southern Waldviertel" hiking map

The Ysperklamm is the special hiking experience in the Southern Waldviertel. The Ysper, which rises in the Weinsbergerwald, cascades down over the granite rocks of the Ysper gorge until you reach the valley.
The ascent through the wild and romantic Ysper gorge marks the beginning of the Druid's Path hike. At the upper beginning of the Ysperklamm is the Ödteich. Until 1931 the "Ödteich" had a very important function for the timber industry. Until the spring of each year, the water was dammed up and drained again in March to form a flood of wood. This method was used to wash wood (with a length of 70 - 75 cm) to the Danube in a few hours. The dam was broken in 1956 and no longer repaired. In the former "Ödteich" there is now a spruce forest

From here you go half right on the forest road and after approx. 250 m turn right into the marked forest path. This is the actual beginning of the Druid's Way.

Numerous bowl stones and imposing rock formations along the Druid Trail suggest former, early Celtic cult sites. Based on the research of Yspertal priest Hans Wick (1904-1988) the stone formations were named and still show the original functions.
The sometimes strange-looking rock formations are weathered remains of granite stones removed over the millennia, so-called "granite remains", which have mostly taken on round, but often also quite individual shapes.

From a geomantic point of view, the formations from granite remains are very interesting. In the Waldviertel, so-called "geomagnetic anomalies" occur more frequently than in other places. For example, the central stone of the Druid's meeting point should have a very high "clockwise" vibration, which, in sensitive persons, after prolonged residence at this point, should be able to trigger a slight feeling of dizziness or even hallucinations.


Thus, at the "Inner Stone Circle" at an altitude of 922m, which is said to have served as a druid meeting place, only as many druids participated in the meeting as there are stones in the circle.
Such a point is called "bundles" and consists of 13 cup stones arranged in a circle on which the druids are supposed to have sat. The seat of the Lord God in the middle, with its concise mushroom shape, could have been the throne for the high priest.

The Druidenweg tour starts at the Ysperklamm car park or at the Forellenhof and leads over the ascent of the Ysperklamm to the first lookout point with the stone information. Phallus und Vulva...

Continuing along the Druid's Way, the "Stehende Schale" and the "Großen Schalenstein" is on your way. Here is a shell which does not dry out even during longer dryness interesting way. The outer stone circle thus begins at the "Standing Bowl"; a sign identifies it as a former millstone. This millstone is believed to have been overthrown during the later Christianization. The bowl has a diameter of about 70 cm and is about 15 cm deep.

Past the "Wohnhöhle - living cave" with several entrances it goes through a beautiful deciduous forest to the rock formation "Sphinx" up to the "Kaltenbergkreuz", at an altitude of about 860 m, where you can enjoy a wonderful view over the whole Yspertal.

A relatively steep descent through the forest follows, which again and again offers wonderful views to the opposite Peilstein.

A meadow path and finally the asphalt road lead back to the starting point, the parking lot at the Ysperklamm.
The total Ysperklamm-Druidenweg-Tour is about 9.5 km, with a walking time of about 4 hours.
Let yourself be carried away on this hike into a world of the past, feel the mystical moods of the impressive and at the same time strange rock formations. Meet the mysterious mystical with an open heart, sharpen your senses and stimulate your imagination.

Opening hours and entrance fees of the Ysperklamm

The Ysperklamm is open all year round.
The operator of the Ysperklamm,
the market town of Yspertal, charges the following entrance fee for access to the Ysperklamm:
Adults: € 3,50
Children up to 6 years: free of charge
children 6 to 15 years: € 2,50
Groups: € 2,50
365-day ticket: € 10.00 (+ € 2.00 stake)

By the way: your admission ticket has added value!

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How to get to the Ysperklamm

How to reach the Ysperklamm:
Parkring GPS: 48.338697, 15.060493

Arriving via motorway A1: (left picture)

In Ybbs/Donau (km 100.0) exit and continue towards Yspertal via the Danube to Persenbeug.

Via the B36 coming from Persenbeug you drive through the villages Hofamt Priel and Yspertal. Then turn off in Kammerbach towards Ysperklamm (good signs).

Arrival via Melk/Pöggstall: (right picture)

Drive via Würnsdorf and Laimbach on the B36 to Kammerbach, then turn off towards Ysperklamm.

Then follow the signs "Ysperklamm" for 4 km and reach the large parking lot (GPS: 48.338697, 15.060493).

Here you will also find the information stand with cash desk and the entrance to the Ysperklamm.